On the future status of APSJobs

December 05, 2013

The good news

As of today, http://www.APSJobs.info no longer requires any kind of registration or payment to access all its features.

So please go ahead and check it out. There is heaps of interesting data on the site.

The bad news

From today there will be no further updates to the APSJobs.info or APSIndex.com sites.

Unfortunately, the sites have not been commercial successes, and due to continued and ongoing format changes to the Gazette PDFs, it is no longer possible for me to continue to update the code that converts these published PDFs into the APSJobs.info websites.

Up until today, the sites had cost very little for me to run (just hosting fees) and 15 minutes each week to upload the newly published data. Every couple of weeks, the APSC appeared to be making small format changes to the PDFs, which while initally breaking the conversion, I have usually been able to fix within a few hours.

This work was starting to add up, however, though of course I hold no grudge against the APSC for updating the format of the Gazette. But it does mean that I had to make a decision as to whether the continued time was worth supporting the frequent format changes.

The ideal situation would be the APSC making the Gazette available in a machine readable format. Unfortunately, given that it is unlikely the Gazette will be published in machine readable format any time soon, I have had to make the tough decision to discontinue updates to the site in order to pursue other ventures.

I will be keeping the site online in its current form, but it will no longer be updated. This was not an easy decision for me to make - I have spent countless hours working on the concept.

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on the site, and the few subscribers who were willing to pay for access to the site.