The full text of 5 years of APS jobs

October 26, 2013

A few days ago I released more than 5 years worth of APS Gazette unit records - data that was previously only available in PDF format, but since July this year I have been converting and making available on and

Today I’m releasing even more data from this rich data source: the full text descriptions of 5 years worth of APS Job adverts (~18mb)

I’ve generated a simple word cloud below.

The top 20 words are (in decreasing order):

  • officer
  • manager
  • assistant
  • senior
  • director
  • employment
  • project
  • expected
  • opportunity
  • support
  • analyst
  • team
  • executive
  • service
  • business
  • policy
  • services
  • leader
  • management
  • finance
  • technical

The importance of open-data

The value of open-data is that it empowers citizens, helps small business, creates value, improves the efficiency of Government and helps solve real-world problems.

This data set is an example of the Australian Public Service’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Until now, the data has been locked up in a difficult to use format; the work I’ve completed has added value by making this data more accessible to citizens and business. If my work is embraced by the APS, I believe the increased accessibility of this public data has the potential to improve efficiency and deliver further public benefits.

Data source

The records contained in this data set are derived from the Australia Public Service Gazette Notices. These notices are published by the Australian Public Service Commission as directed by The Commissioners Directions under the Public Service Act (1999).

The Gazette notices are not a complete record of all engagements, movements and separations from the Australian Public Service.

What is the Gazette

The electronic Public Service Gazette (the Gazette) contains notices required to be published under Chapter 2 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2013 (the Directions). Notices include vacancies and employment decisions (including staff movements, engagements and promotions).

As well as vacancies available in the APS (including Senior Executive Service, APS agency head and particular APS statutory office vacancies), the Gazette may contain vacancies and staff movements in the Australian Parliamentary Service. It may also contain vacancies available in non-APS Australian Government agencies.

The Gazette is incorporated in the APSjobs website which allows job seekers to search for vacancies, staff movements and other notices. APSjobs is also the electronic lodgement system for agencies to place notices in the Gazette.



This data set is made available under a Creative Commons license. You should include the following notice in any subsequent use or publication of the full data set:

This data set is made available under a Creative Commons license by pvtl and is derived from the APS Gazette notices published by the Australian Public Service Commission on the APSjobs website under a Creative Commons By Attribution license.

For a shorter attribution summary, something like mentioning the source as as APSjobs data, derived from the APS Gazette notices by pvtl would suffice I think.

Time period

These datasets refer to data published in the APS Employment Gazette between 9 Aug 2007 (PS 31 2007) and 22 August 2013 (PS 33 2013) inclusive.

This comprises:

  • 78,813 employment opportunities

Ping back

If you publish any analysis of this data and would like me to include a link to your analysis below, please drop me a line