July 23, 2013

I am pleased to launch - which I’ve been describing as like Google and LinkedIn combined for the Australian Public Service or, as my first customer described it unprecedented access to information as to who are both federal government employee and hiring decision makers.

The site allows you to easily explore the the last five years of APS Gazette notices, which contain both detailed job notices (including hiring managers) and appointments to those positions.

Unlike the site, you can use rich and expressive search queries to find any job listed in the last five years. Unlike the site, for each job listed, you can easily see who was appointed to the job (including their name), and, unlike the site, for each person, you can see all other jobs they have been appointed to in the last five years.

For example, here is a search for .NET related positions:

Clicking on the title of the job takes you to the job-details page and a list of persons appointed to the job.

Clicking on someone’s name shows you their history for the last ~5-6 years. For example, here is what my own history page looks like:

Clicking on any of those titles takes you to the full job description including a list of other people appointed to the position, and so on.

This is all derived from the Gazette notices. The recruitment professionals I’ve been talking to have been excited to get onto the site as it gives them an unprecedented tool to find both candidates for positions they’re hiring for, and APS hiring managers (or position contacts) who they can talk to about placing existing candidates.

I have much more to do with the site, including adding a “market intelligence” feature which will allow HR professionals to view APS hiring trends for the last 5 years and perform simple Analytics. I’m also planning an ad-supported website for vendors and other parties who deal with Government to lookup public servants.

Checkout the site - it is live at and I’d love to hear your feedback.